SpeedThePc offers world-class tech support services to PC users worldwide.

We aim to improve PC experience by providing the outstanding solutions for wide variety of PC problems.

After 2000, the Internet era made the computer an integral part of our lives and used by us for news updates, entertainment, economics, management, etc.

In almost every area, we again find ourselves assisted by the computer.

When the computer does not start up or stuck in the middle, exactly when we are need it so, begins the huge and most irritating nightmare that the computer can do to us.

First, we try to reboot with a lot of hope and afterwards to plug and unplug into the electricity, and when all hope is lost, we start to search for an excellent and experienced veteran repair technician on whom we can count to overcome.

The fault, explains how it could be avoid, in the future and that will not have to call in a computer technician. Maximum more than once in six months for cleaning and maintenance purposes only, so here you can be calm with SpeedThePc. You are safe.

The company SpeedThePc answers to the real need of support for products that are network-based technology. While their growth rate has increased rapidly and leaves an entire population of consumers without an adequate response to their technological needs and an understanding of operating the devices in their possession.

You can rely on our computer technician who really justify the payment and give full warranty. All of our technicians are IT graduate and network-engineering courses, all of them have at least five years’ experience.

Our employees are committed to maintaining the company’s policy and ethics

Each team is headed by a team manager with a degree in computers whose role is to manage the team technically and answer more complicated problems.

Professionalism is on our flag and we do not have unhappy customers.

Remember that there are scammers and fraudsters that may want to hack into your computer for completely other reasons.

Our company believe in the service convention where the good of the customer comes first, thus we based ourselves at SpeedThePc.

Since the establishment of the business, the entire business stands to this very day on this cornerstone. Despite progress in this field and establishing a successful company, we remain as passionate as we were at the beginning and we continue to serve our clients faithfully.

Computer repair is our specialty! Our service is professional and fast! Our prices are unbeatable!