SpeedThePc offers world-class tech support services to PC users worldwide.

We aim to improve PC experience by providing the outstanding solutions for wide variety of PC problems.

SpeedThePc Born out of our customers great need for handling of their personal computers without having to wait for a technician to come to their home scheduling a date and the all the hassle resulting from it

  • Following this, our company found a solution that utilizes innovative technology of remote assistance to repair software problems on computers and training, and thus reduces the need for a technician to arrive at the customer’s house and allows rapid and available response to its customers.
  • Service Centers operate at the highest service standards and according to the service convention for excellence in service of internationally accepted concepts without compromise for the service where the customer is the main focus, and not the product, while meeting standards.
  • Stringent SLA.

Point of No Return

The ball rolls quickly. The high-tech world has opened its doors before them and also the business people in the domain of computing. Already a baptism of fire of the first business has started.

Building Trust

SpeedThePc Gain reputation as an exceptional and very reliable company in its field of expertise. The company recruited employees, trained them, the training includes dedication and putting at their disposal the equipment and advanced knowledge in the field. The knowledge and the team work became an interdisciplinary expertise which enables them to overcome even the most complex computing problems in record time, leaving behind them customers with peace of mind.

Make it Happen

The real power of SpeedThePc is revealed in times of crisis. An elite unit has engraved on its banner excellent services around the clock, mobilizing to immediately handle the problem and does not let it go until the moment it has a solution. Handling exceptional problems is performed using extraordinary resources so as the client can return working regular as quickly as possible.

Now Days

Our business is all embracing and we provide 24/7 round-the-clock service in various languages English, Italian, Russian and Japanese, and soon French and Spanish also. We specialize in delivering dynamic service in the computing field in order to enable the continuing flow of information and effectiveness of your work on your computer. The main emphasis of our work is that you get the best solution quickly and know that someone is looking out for you.

Bottom Line

Bottom Line Our professionals are ready to be at your service at any moment to provide help and advice in the fields of design, installation, integration and maintenance of computer systems. All our work is directed to one place – to give you peace of mind when it comes to the continuity of providing information in your computer and accessibility to it, so that you do not lose even one minute.

The unique style of service of the company is the result of up-to-date information and vast experience that led to initiate targeted solutions and uncompromising professionalism.